Monday, January 6, 2014


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Όλα τα ζώα που απεικονίζονται στο Video είναι ζώα που κινδυνεύουν ή απειλούνται με άμεση εξαφάνιση σύμφωνα με τον Παγκόσμιο Οργανισμό WWF.

This video shows the top 100 most endangered animals. I think when watching this video people should try and feel just how much damage we as a collective whole do to our environment and the animals and species within it.

Maybe it is too late to apologise but it is not too late to help these endangered animals re-establish their rightful place on the earth.

Check out the top 100 most endangered animals up to date below:
Δείτε το Video...!

List of Εndangered animals in video:
1. African Wild Donkey 2. Amur Leopard 3. Anderson's Salamander 4. Araripe Manakin 5. Arctic Fox 6. Asian Lion 7. Asiastic Cheetah 8. Atlantic Ridley Sea Turtle 9. Axoloti Salamander 10. Bald Eagle 11. Beluga Sturgeon 12. Black Footed Ferret 13. Black Lemur 14. Blue Whale 15. Blue-Throated Macaw 16. Burrowing Owl 17. Cactus Ferruginous Pygmy Owl 18. Carolina Parakeet 19. Cerulean Warbler 20. Channel Island Fox 21. Coelacanth 22. Cook Inlet Beluga Whale 23. Cross River Gorilla 24. Desert Tortoise 25. Eastern Cougar 26. Eastern Timber Wolf 27. Eskimo Curfew 28. European Sturgeon 29. Fisher Weasel 30. Florida Black Bear 31. Florida Manatee 32. Galapagos (Flightless Bird) 33. Gaur 34. Giant Anteater 35. Giant Armadillo 36. Giant Panda 37. Golden Seal 38. Gopher Tortoise 39. Gray Wolf 40. Greater Bamboo Lemur 41. Greater Prairie Chicken 42. Green Turtle 43. Green-Cheeked Parakeet Parrot 44. Grey Whale 45. Grizzly Bear 46. Hawaiian Monk Seal 47. Hawksbill Sea Turtle 48. Humpback Whale 49. Iberian Lynx 50. Imperial Amazon Parrot 51. Indian Rhinoceros 52. Javan Rhino 53. Kagu 54. Kakapo Owl Parrot 55. Killer Whale 56. Komodo Dragon 57. Leatherback Turtle 58. Lynx 59. Manatee 60. Mediterranean Monk Seal 61. Mexican Spotted Owl 62. Mexican Wolf 63. Mohave Ground Squirrel 64. Monarch Butterfly 65. Monkey Eating Eagle 66. Mountain Gorilla 67. Mountain Lion 68. Narwhal 69. North Atlantic Right Whale 70. Northern Fur Seal 71. Northern Spotted Owl 72. Onager 73. Orangutan 74. Peregrine Falcon 75. Philippine Eagle 76. Piping Plover 77. Pronghorned Antelope 78. Przewalski's Hore 79. Puerto Rican Parrot 80. Pygmy Hippopotamus 81. Red Wolf 82. Saola Vietnamese Antelope 83. Sei Whale 84. Shortnose Sturgeon 85. Snow Leopard 86. Snowy Owl 87. Sonoran Pronghorn Antelope 88. Spix's Macaw 89. Swift Fox 90. Takahe 91. Tapir 92. Thick-Billed Parrot 93. Trumpeter Swan 94. Vancouver Island Marmot 95. Vaquita 96. Western Snowy Plover 97. White Pelican 98. White Rhinoceros 99. Wolverine And finally 100 the Woodland Caribo
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