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Eleni Karaindrou - Best Of

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Music Collection - 55' minutes piano playlist

Απολαύστε όμορφη μουσική που θα σας φτιάξει την διάθεση με όμορφες εικόνες...απο το Κανάλι μας της Gaia Group...

00:00 The Weeping Meadow - Eleni Karaindrou 03:44 Theme of the uprooting - Eleni Karaindrou, Maria Bildea, Konstantinos Raptis, Socratis Sinopoulos 6:43 Prayer, La Camerata Athens - Eleni Karaindrou, Maria Bildea, Konstantinos Raptis, Socratis Sinopoulos, Vangelis Skouras, Hellenic Vocal Ensemble, Antonis Kontogeorgiou 10:53 The tree - Eleni Karaindrou, Maria Bildea, Renato Ripo, Konstantinos Raptis, Socratis Sinopoulos, Sergiu Nastasa 13:32 On the road, La Camerata Athens - Eleni Karaindrou, Maria Bildea, Konstantinos Raptis, Socratis Sinopoulos, Vangelis Skouras, 17:07 Ulysses' Gaze - Eleni Karaindrou 23:57 Theme of the uprooting I - Eleni Karaindrou, Maria Bildea, Renato Ripo 25:02 Waiting A, La Camerata Athens - Eleni Karaindrou 46:18Young Man's Theme - Eleni Karaindrou, Konstantinos Raptis 48:24 Memories, La Camerata Athens- Eleni Karaindrou Maria Bildea, Renato Ripo, Sergiu Nastasa 51:55 Theme of the uprooting II, La Camerata, Athens- Eleni Karaindrou Maria Bildea, Renato Ripo 53:08 Waiting B -Eleni Karaindrou, Maria Bildea, Renato Ripo, Konstantinos Raptis, Socratis Sinopoulos, Vangelis Skouras, Sergiu Nastasa, Angelos Repapis

 Eleni Karaindrou (Greek: Ελένη Καραΐνδρου) (born 1941) is a Greek composer, born in the village of Teichio in Phocis, Central Greece, on November 25, 1941. She is best known for scoring the films of director Theo Angelopoulos.
She moved with her family to Athens when she was eight years old and she studied piano and theory at the Hellenikon Odeion (Hellenic Conservatory). She also attended history and archaeology classes at the university. In 1967 with the Greek military junta of 1967--1974 she moved to Paris where she studied Ethnomusicology and Orchestration and she improvised with Jazz musicians. Then she began to compose popular songs.
In 1974 she returned to Athens where she established a laboratory for traditional instruments and collaborated with the department of Ethnomusicology of the radio. In 1976 she discovered ECM Records, which was at the time the synonym for in depth research, creative richness and freedom for musical schemes. This was a period of high productvity for her. It was at this time she was introduced to music for the theater and the cinema. She stated that this exposure to cinema was a new beginning from where her own personal style emerged and where the relationship between images and movements created a new space for her expression of emotions.
Her first Soundtrack album was released in 1979 for the movie Periplanissis by Chistoforos Christoforis. In 1982 she won the Thessaloniki International Film Festival and was noticed by Theo Angelopoulos, the president of the committee. They collaborated in the last six films of the Greek director from 1984 to 2004.
Karaidrou was very creative. Until 2008 she had composed music for 18 full-length movies, 35 theatrical productions and 11 Serials and Television film. She had worked also with Chris Marker, Jules Dassin and Margarethe von Trotta. A musician of extraordinary sensibility, she received in 1992 the Premio Fellini by Europa cinema.


Concert in Athens (live) - ECM 2013
Dust of Time - ECM 2009
The 10 (Greek TV: "το 10") - Mikri Arktos/ECM 2008
Elegy of the Uprooting (live) - ECM 2005; Also released as DVD
The Weeping Meadow - ECM 2004
Trojan Women - ECM 2001
Eternity and a Day - ECM 1998
Rosa, Wandering - Lyra 1996
Ulysses' Gaze - ECM 1995
The Suspended Step of the Stork - ECM 1992
Music For Films - ECM 1991
The Suspended Step of the Stork - Minos 1991
Unreleased Recordings - Minos 1991
L'Africana - Minos 1990
Herod Atticus Odeon (live) - Minos 1988
Landscape in the Mist - Milan 1986
The Beekeeper - Minos 1986
Voyage to Cythera - Minos 1984
The Price of Love - Minos 1983
The Great Vigil - Minos 1975

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