Friday, January 31, 2014

Rob Costlow - Best Of

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Piano Collection Playlist
Rob Costlow - 52.69' Minutes Music Playlist
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00:00 Rob Costlow - Forbidden
06:42 Rob Costlow - Communion
13:17 Rob Costlow - Goodbyes
19:31 Rob Costlow - Baby Girl
23:11 Rob Costlow - Lost or Found
27:23 Rob Costlow - Enigma
31:37 Rob Costlow - Oceans
36:11 Rob Costlow - Passing
44:34 Rob Costlow - I Do
47:57 Rob Costlow - Bliss

About Rob

Music lovers of all ages will be transported to a less complicated, more relaxed world with Costlow's collection of original piano melodies that showcase the talent and universal reach of his passionate and raw sound. Even though Costlow's music is often placed with certain genres, his style is neither new age, classical or jazz. Costlow simply delivers independent, sincere and contemporary music to which listeners can easily relate.
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